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Newsletter 15 2015

Last Tuesday the senior students went to the museum. They went to look at the Indigenous history display at the Residency Museum. The student read the story of how Dog Rock was created. After they had seen the display, the Aboriginal Education Officer, Vernice showed us the long necked turtles. At first the turtles just sat there because they were cold. As they warmed
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Newsletter 14 2015

Last week our students completed their In Term swimming program. By all accounts it was a great success. It was well worth splitting the group into two time slots with two swimming instructors at the pool to work with our students in very small groups. A number of students completed various levels with Joshua and Jacob working on Level 3. Those students who passed
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Newsletter 13 2015

In Term 1 our students’ art program looked at two different elements of art. The first was line.They explored this element in different ways. They created funny hair with different lines. They created squiggles on their sculptured paper plates. The  second   element   they looked at was  colour.  They explored colours by looking at  primary  and  secondary colours,  mixing colours as well as warm and
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Newsletter 11 2015

The Disabled Children’s Foundation is about to start their next raffle and the Foundation are offering the same opportunity to the Education Supports Schools/Centres, as last year, that is for every ticket sold through our school the Foundation will donate that amount back to the school in full. The raffle is underway and will be drawn on the 27 of July. The tickets are
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Road Safety Reminder – The correct use of seatbelts

Seatbelts can reduce the risk of being killed in an accident by up to 50% so it is essential that parents restrain their children in the correct way. The safest way for children to wear seatbelts differs with age. By law, there is a specific way to restrain a child between birth and six months old; six months and four years old; four and
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