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Short Survey for Carers

WA Carer Strategy Consultation – Carers WA are surveying Western Australian (WA) carers as to what they would like to see within a WA Carers Strategy if it were to be developed. A Strategy could aim, for example, to increase awareness and recognition of carers and allow people in a caring role the same opportunities as other people in the community. The information you
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Newsletter 28 2015

Last week I inserted the first half of an article from the KidsMatter Newsletter. I have included the second half of the article in this week’s newsletter. Resilience is an essential skill for life. Someone who is resilient and has positive mental health and wellbeing shows the following characteristics: • The ability to learn from their experiences and grow • Good relationships with others
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Newsletter 27 2015

 I recently read this article from the KidsMatter Newsletter. To prepare our children for life after school we need to be doing it now.  With mental health on the rise we need to help our children to become resilient.   I have included the first half of the article in this week’s newsletter. I will include the rest of the article next week.   Resilience
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Newsletter 26 2015

Piet Mondrian is the painter of the fortnight. He was a Dutch painter who lived between 1872 and 1944.  He pioneered a form of painting called neoplasticism. It consisted of white ground upon which he painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and filled them in with the three primary colours.   The students in the Centre have been creating Mondrian inspired
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Newsletter 25 2015

Remodelling  of  the administration area  has  begun.  Judy  Berg,  our librarian, has been working diligently to purge our library of out dated materials. This was to allow us to move the cupboards. We are redesigning the front office to improve the use of the space and increase the efficiency of the admin team by ensuring we are all in the same area.  It will
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Newsletter 24 2015

On Monday morning the Variety BASH Breakfast was a great success. Thank you to all those people that were involved with the breakfast both on the Sunday setting up and during the actual event. There will be more about this in the next newsletter so I won’t say much about it for now. On Tuesday we had our second Early Close. The sessions on
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