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Newsletter 20 2016

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE On Tuesday last week, the students and staff of  Room 21 watched the men pouring cement for the new girl’s toilet block.  There was a big cement truck.  The cement poured out of the truck.  The men smoothed the cement out with a screed.  A screed is like a big piece of wood that makes the cement smooth.  The men
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Newsletter 19 2016

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE On Monday  we  held our own end of term assembly.  I spoke to the parents parents from 9:00 about what has been happening this term. Firstly I thanked Mrs Eyles for filling in for me while I was on long service leave. Other points covered included: Enrolment for 2017 in the Early Intervention Program for children with Autism. If
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Newsletter 18 2016

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE Kristen Ellery from Room 22 with our Kindy/Pre-Primary is our reporter for Week 8. This week we are reading “I Went Walking” written by Sue Machin and illustrated by Julie Vivas.  We have created our own predictive writing chart also called “I Went Walking” I see a pink wombat. (Mrs Ellery) I see a purple pig. (Trinity) I see
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Newsletter 17 2016

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE      The  students  of  Room  14  and Mrs Talbot have been investigating bugs in Science this term. So far they have focused on worms, snails and ants. The first part of their exploration was to conduct a schoolyard safari wherein we investigated what kinds of insects we could find in an area of bush near our school oval. Since
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Newsletter 16 2016

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE    After  a  relaxing  7  weeks away I    am    back    refreshed    and enthusiastic  about  getting back into the hustle and bustle that is our great school. To begin with I wish to thank Lara Eyles who took my place as principal for the first five weeks of the term. Lara has been working in schools for students with exceptional
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