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Newsletter 22

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE   This   has  been  a  busy  week. Ms  Bec  Wheatley,  your  new Principal for the SPESC has been over from Newton Moore ESC. A big thank you goes to Penny Nunn, Principal of Newton Moore ESC for allowing her to come across for the handover. We have been attending a number meetings so I could introduce Bec to the
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Newsletter 21

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE Where  to  begin?  Firstly  Salon Express  organised  a number of weighted Lapdogs, and calming shoulder pads for the school. These are weighted “animals” that children can have on their laps or around their shoulders to help them calm. Apparently their names are Patrick.  We were also given a couple of Resistance Tunnels for the children to crawl through. We
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Newsletter 20

SPENCER PARK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE Big thanks go to Sarah Morrison and the team from Salon Express. They have been organising fund raisers for the Centre. There was a sausage sizzle and a mini Lap-a-thon on Sunday the 22nd. This Sunday there was a Halloween Disco in the hall with another Sausage Sizzle. It was well attended and gave our students a chance to
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