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Well Art this term was VERY busy! We had two major events that we had to produce art work for. The first one was the Spencer Park Art show which was held down at the Residency Museum. For this show we produced the most magnificent recycled copper wire Grass Trees. The whole school made these trees with the generous donation of the copper wire from Mr Barrington (and the Denmark tip shop) and some lovely pieces of Jarrah.

Our second event was the Albany Agricultural show. For this show we had to enter decorated wooden spoons. They were AWESOME! We painted and bedazzled the wood out of them, decorating them as beautiful flowers, with the catch phrase on their pots

“We are all beautiful

We are all Unique”

Which of course we all are.

Our usual art continues for several sessions a week, we have looked at Jasper Johns, Joan Miro and Salvidor Dali to name a few. Our Art work rotates through the reception foyer, so feel free to drop in and have a look at our fabulous work that is inspired by these artists and more.