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Early Interverntion Centre

Our program

The Australian Vision
Belonging, Being and Becoming

• Provides a safe and secure environment where children are   supported through their learning activities.
• An awareness of the rights and needs of others is fostered in our children.
• Offers challenges and opportunities for children to work together.
• Provides the unexpected and supports children to cope with these changes to routines
• Celebrates all achievements of individuals and the group.
• Provides opportunities for self regulation.
• Initiates negotiating and sharing behaviors
• Encourages perseverance.

Our work is not always easy however staff believe strongly in the child’s ability to succeed and encourage participation and together the class with celebrate all achievements.
Literacy:  Communication

Our program provides opportunities
• To develop speech and language
• Comprehension
• Listening skills
• Non- verbal language skills
Children participated in group sessions that taught the ‘rules’ for shopping.  The lessons were linked to structured and unstructured play situations.  To allow the children the opportunity to generalize their skills to real life settings we went to the Spencer Park Shopping Centre to post our letters for Fathers Day.  As a celebration of our achievements we treated the children to morning tea in the local café.

• Emphasises the distance travelled by each child.
• We recognize and celebrate both the giant steps our children take and the smaller steps as well.