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Hello and welcome! Thanks for wanting to find out about Room 13.


This year we have 8 students in our class in years 2, 3, 4 & 5. All of our students have a range of individual needs and interests.
The teaching duties are shared by Mrs Carly Talbot (Monday-Wednesday) and Ms Lara Eyles (Thursday-Friday). There are 6 Education Assistants who work in our room at different times throughout the week, they are; Mrs Leanne Powell, Mrs Robyn Norman, Mrs Tracy Sambell, Mrs Rachael Weston, Miss Vanessa Stone and Miss Sandra Finn.
Our main aim is to work together with parents, therapists and other staff at the school, to best meet the individual needs of each child. This involves a lot of teamwork and dedication from all the people involved.
Some of the programs and activities that the students are involved in are: Singing, MiniLit, Signposts Mathematics, Self Care, Protective Behaviours, Art, Science, Humanities, Home Room Integration, Swimming, Hydrotherapy, Cooking, Rock and Water and Horse-riding. All programs are based on the individual needs of the student.

Our classroom learning and routines are based on the use of both visual and written cues. We use visual timetables and schedules to assist the students in knowing what comes next in their day and what is expected of them. We use keyword signing to help with the understanding of words and instructions. Our classroom also uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with our children in the form of a PODD Communication Book or a Chat book.
We do many exciting and fun activities in Room 13, come and visit us anytime.
Mrs Carly Talbot & Ms Lara Eyles


Example of a child’s daily timetable in Room 13
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