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Newsletter 25 2016


This week we are hearing from Mrs Eyles as our reporter of the week.

In Room 13 the students develop literacy skills through a teaching program, Meeting Initial Needs In Literacy (MiniLit).


MiniLit  is an explicit  and Practical  literacy program that promotes reading skills in students. The program delivers systematic lessons that encompass a wide range of learning styles and techniques.

MiniLit is designed to be taught one on one or in small groups of up to 4 students.

The program features 3 key components;

  • Sounds and words activities
  • Text reading
  • Story book reading

These components maximise successful progression throughout the student’s literacy development.

MiniLit is designed to be flexible. Lessons are taught based on students’ previous knowledge and their progression through the lessons. The program includes a wide range of learning areas including; Phonics, fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension.

MiniLit and MultiLit are two of the research based programs we use at our school to help children’s literacy. The 4 blocks is also a framework we use to ensure Literacy is a focus in our classrooms.

This is going to be a very busy week at the Centre. Mrs Fleay, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Paull, Mrs Kellett, Mrs Cloud are all attending a free Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) Communication Book workshop at the Independent Living Centre in Perth.

Thursday the Southwest Education Support Principals are meeting in Albany at Albany Secondary Education Support Centre. Also on Friday morning Cale Begley from College Row School in Bunbury  will  be  presenting their  Augmentative  and Alternative Communication journey and use PODDs in a school with students with very high educational needs. I will be involved with both of these sessions.

Friday is a School Development Day. (Remember: Friday is a Pupil Free Day) Staff are attending Professional Learning in a number of areas:

  • Dyslexia-SPELD: Understanding and Responding to Learning Disabilities
  • First Aid
  • Engaging Aboriginal Students at Educational Risk
  • EAs Supporting Early Writers
  • Teachers are attending a variety of PL hosted at Albany Primary School.

You may have noticed parts of our playground have been cordoned off. With all the heavy rain a sump in the playground has popped its lid. This will be fixed on Friday when the children are not here. However, they will begin work on it Thursday afternoon.

Have a great three day weekend with your children.

Diane E Edwards, Principal





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