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Newsletter No 12



Hi Everybody

The senior class of SPESC has been achieving great things during the first half of term three 2018.

We are busy working on our art projects for the big art show in term four. We are reading David Walliam’s “Billionaire Boy”. We are continuing our drumming practice and our Rock and Water lessons. We share a milo and a chat with our “Chappy” on Mondays, where we talk about things that have been good and bad during our week, and what we can do to make the week better


We are learning about things that are in our control and not in our control and how the Zones of Regulation relate to all of our emotions (which are all ok) but how it is optimal to stay in the “Green Zone”


You might have seen us out, walking around the oval on Tuesday mornings (or perhaps the corridors of SPPS if the weather was particularly bad). We have in the last five Tuesdays walked the equivalent of the summit of Mount Everest. We have been busy calculating the distance walked as metres, centimetres, kilometres and millimetres. We are going to graph our progress and create a display at the back of our classroom. Please feel free to come and have a look.


PBS Bee Assembly Winners

Our PBS expectation this week is Be Friendly.

This fortnight our award winners were:

Logan, Isla, Jake, Elijah, Robert, Tim, Jonty, Roshaun, William, Tiarhys and Quin