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Newsletter No. 13



The Spencer Park Early Intervention Centre is for children with a diagnosis of Autism and/or Global Delay is situated at the Spencer Park Education Support Centre.  We have 5 Kindergarten children attending and 3 Pre- Primary.  I of our Pre-Primary students recently transitioned to full time Pre – Primary at his mainstream school.

If your child or a friend’s child has a diagnosis of Autism, then this is the place for you.  Our focus is to support children transition to a mainstream Pre-Primary and Primary classes.   We urge families to consider this option and encourage anyone interested to come to the centre and observe our program in progress.  At present we still have vacancies in both Kindergarten and Pre-Primary.

Classes consist of 1 / 1 learning experiences. Every child has an Individual Education Program.

  Noah works independently to complete a task.

Although we tailor our programs to meet the needs of individuals, we combine activities with topics that are meaningful to our children.  This term we have highlighted outcomes associated with planning for special occasions.

 Recently Ms Faugno and the children practiced fine motor skills required for a manicure. Miss Faugno is soon to be married and the children have been busy planning special events, designing, cooking and decorating a wedding cake and preparing invitations to our own big event.

       Hunter and Autumn assisted in making the 3 tiered wedding cake and all children produced a design for the wedding cake decorations.

Come rain or shine we all celebrate every opportunity to learn.  Our motto is ‘Not a minute wasted”


  Robert, Elijah and Jiyah are not put off  by a little rain.

Mrs Williams is always keen to extend the children’s gardening skills.

Creating a sense of belonging is a high priority in our classroom and children are encouraged to support each other.

  Robert assists Autumn during structured play sessions.

Visitors and enquiries are welcome.   A reminder to all that enrolments for 2019 are under way. 

Bec Wheatley, Principal


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