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ALAC Swimming

The Special Needs Swim Program has been a fantastic success.  Many of the Support Centre students, have passed multiply swimming stages during their in term swimming lessons where the centres students were integrated into mainstream lessons. Stages 1 to Stage 9 have been achieved by the Ed Support Students which is a wonderful achievement. The Swim Program focuses on fun, participation, water confidence, fundamental body movements, physical activities, stroke development, aquatic exercise, relaxation and builds self-esteem. It is designed to be inclusive and to encompass the large range of emotional, physical and developmental abilities and their wide range of needs.
Water is very therapeutic, its’ fluid and gentle texture stimulates their senses and increases circulation, these effects on people with special needs is remarkable. Zero gravity and weightlessness allows for freedom that does not exist on the dry land especially those who are wheel chair bound or find mobility a challenge.
Swimming also helps to improve cardio respiratory fitness, circulation, muscle endurance, gross motor skills and helps reduce body fat. Regular exercise improves body balance, body awareness and helps reduce the incidence of injury. We believe that students with special needs can achieve amazing things in the water.

The swim program is being run once a week on Monday afternoons at the Albany Leisure & Aquatic Centre. The program would not be the success that it has been if it wasn’t for the enthusiastic teacher and the team of dedicated, professional Education Assistants who work hard to assisted the students with their needs and goals. A number of staff have their Bronze Medallions and have attended a Swimability Workshop or participated in a Swim Teacher course, which has been of great value to the Swim Program.

When: We swim each Monday afternoon during Term 1 & 4.
We leave school at approximately 1pm, and we are usually in the pool and swimming by 2:20pm.

Who participates: All children from Year 1- 6 who are medically able and well.
All staff on Tuesday afternoons also swim!  A huge commitment from the staff!!!

Structure of swimming sessions
Swimming sessions vary regularly depending on the needs and numbers of the children and staff. Usually children with high needs swim in a one on one setting with a staff member. More able children may swim in a small group.

Aims and goals are set to meet the child’s needs. Fun, fitness and water safety are the main goals.