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Our hydro therapy class is a small group that attends Albany Regional Hospital Hydrotherapy pool every Thursday afternoon. Each student has an  Hydro therapy program to meet thier individual outcomes. Hydrotherapy is very benefitial to our students and these benefits include:
    Strengthens muscles
    Pain relief
    Increased mobility
    Stress reduction
    Cardiovascular fitness
    Improves balance and co-ordination

Being in the water encourages our students to move their limbs and experience the effect of movement on their body. Warm water encourages stiff muscles to relax and students move more easily in the water due to buoyancy. Perceptual and visuomotor skills improve because water slows down movement and gives the child time to react and appreciate how to use their body.

Water play is a great opportunity for our students to experience a variety of sensory feedback. Students experience the feel of the warm water, the sounds and sights of splashing and the movement of their limbs. Our students are always relaxed and happy when they return from Hydrotherapy.