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Intensive Speaking & Listening Program







The Intensive Language program is run by a teacher and supported by Education Assistants.  It aims to provide opportunities for student’s with communication needs to have one on one session in a quiet environment twice a week. 


The outcomes for the students are set in collaboration with the Child Development Speech Therapist, parents and teaching staff.  Individual programs and outcomes are set for the individual needs of the students.  These outcomes are reflected in their Individual Education Plan (IEP).


Different resources and strategies are used to engage the students in communication and speech according to the needs of the student.

These include:

iPads– Applications such as Proloquo2go, isequencing, Articulation Station, Speech Sounds Australia and Word Wizard.


Extra Language Resources (ELR) a website designed by Australian Speech Therapist full of activities to target specific needs.


Assisted Language Systems Boards (ALS) boards with words and visuals are used to promote  communication during activities such as play dough and cooking.


Cued Articulation gestures are used to assist the student in generating sounds.


Key Word Signing -  using simple signs supported by speech.


Picture Exchange Communication System – PECS


We are also beginning to trial theRapid Prompting Method (RPM).