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Welcome to our website. It has been put together with great care to give you an insight into the program’s and activities, both academic and social, that are offered at our school.

We are one of eleven Department of Education Centres in the Western Australia to offer an Early Intervention Program for students with Autism or Global Developmental Delay. The intention of the program is to help the students develop the learning skills they require to enrol in Year 1 at their local school.

We are a School Wide Positive Behaviour school. Our focus is on the positives with the patience and understanding to teach the students the knowledge, skills and understanding they require to be good citizens.

Besides academic skills, the social and emotional development of our children is also very important. The PATHS program and Protective Behaviours are both valuable in developing these skills that are needed for life.

If you have a son or daughter who would benefit for what we have to offer please contact us on 08 9841 1537 to make an appointment. We would love to show you around and discuss how we could improve the quality of you child’s primary school experience. Please be aware there are Department of Education requirements for enrolment in our school.

Proudly an Independant Public School