Welcome to Spencer Park Education Support Centre

Our centre strives towards the development of “Success” for all our students in many aspects of their lives not just in education and learning.

We have a strong relationship with our co-located school, Spencer Park Primary School, where we have worked together to develop a culture of inclusion allowing all our students to experience a wide range of inclusion in their social and learning programs throughout the day.

Our school is a specialist setting catering for students with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities or with extensive learning needs. We are a vibrant Independent Public School providing for students in their early years of learning with an Early Childhood Program that supports students in Kindergarten to year 3. Our primary program supports the develop of student’s independence and successful learning in life skills through our ASDAN program.

A key aspect to the school and providing a high level of care and success for students is in the expertise of our staff and the programs aimed at supporting all student to have a voice that enables communication beyond simple requests of needs. We are a proud PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) school with a philosophy of positive reinforcement with expectations for students and staff to “Be Safe, Be Friendly and Be Your Best”.

To experience the school atmosphere and to appreciate the teaching and learning in place, why not visit our school. There is always an open invitation to all prospective parents and children to visit.

For more information, please read our Spencer Park Education Support Centre; Spencer Park Education Support Centre Early Intensive Intervention Program brochures and Spencer Park Education Support Centre Parents Hand Book or visit either of our Facebook pages @Spencer Park Education Support Centre; @Spencer Park Education Support Centre Early Intervention Centre.

Am I Eligible to Enrol?

Information for parents regarding eligibility for enrolment in an Education Support Centre is available through the Department of Education website; Enrolling in school; or Education Support Centres and Schools

Applications for Early Intensive Intervention Program

Students who are diagnosed Autism or Global Development Delay and waiting for diagnosis for Autism may be eligible to enrol in our EIIP. This is an intensive 2-year program that places a strong focus on explicit and direct teaching for students with Autism in Kindergarten and Pre-primary. The aim of the program is support the development of the student to be ready for mainstream schooling. Throughout the program we work closely with your chosen mainstream school to facilitate effective learning and integration for your child ready for full time attendance in year 1.

Enrolment in the program is available at any time throughout the year.

Why are we the best primary school in Albany WA? Why are we the best school in Albany? We are a dynamic learning community working together to help students succeed and become responsible citizens. We always strive to provide a safe school environment that is respectful, positive, inclusive and welcoming.  
We are the only primary school in Spencer Park WA. We are the best school in Albany, the best school in Spencer Park, the best school in Western Australia and the best school in WA because we are the Best in the West!
Application to Enrol

Ready to enrol? To complete your child’s enrolment you will need to fill out an enrolment form and forward it to us along with a copy of your child's full birth certificate, record of immunisation and diagnosis documentation. You can do this by email (see our contacts page) or by coming along to our office; our friendly staff are available to help you from 8.00am through to 4.00pm.

Local Area Intake

Spencer Park Education Support Centre does not have a local intake area.

SPESC is a specialist primary school that provides modified learning programs for students in years Kindergarten to Year 6 with variety of disabilities and learning needs. We accept student from all over the Albany region.

Staff and Curriculum


Teaching and Learning

Spencer Park Education Support Centre teaching and learning programs are prepared and delivered by highly experience and specialist teachers and education assistants


School Board

The School Board plays a major role in providing an effective and efficient link to our wider school community. It supports the school in ensuring we are meeting expectations of the students, parents and community members through our resourcing and priorities.

Our current school board;

The Board is comprised of:

  • School Principal
  • Parent/Community Representatives
  • School Representatives

Members of the School Board are nominated by or from within the school community.

Our current Board members are:
Ron Rivett

Amanda Baxter

Megan Gardiner

Brodie Storey

Jeremy Hadlow


Peter Watson

Sarah Rivett

Viv Gardiner



Bec Wheatley Principal

Sharon Hall Manager of Corporate Services


All our teaching staff are qualified in Early Childhood Education and/or Special Education with education assistants having completed a certificate through TAFE for working within education support.

Our staff continuously participate in training and development to maintain a high level of knowledge of sound educational and social programs. We are supported by a senior school psychologist who meets regularly with our student services team to provide intensive support for any student needs.

Staff training and development has been in the areas of:

  • TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related handicapped Children)
  • ABA & DTT (Applied Behaviour Analysis and Discrete Trials)
  • AAC (Augmented Alternative Communication including PODD [Pragmatic Organised Dynamic Device]; Auslan & KWS [Key Word Sign]; Prolo2go)
  • Team Teach
  • Manutention Practitioner Training
  • Talk 4 Writing
  • Yumi Maths
  • Drumbeat
  • Rock and Water
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Protective Behaviours

View our current staff structure.


The educational programs are determined by student level of knowledge and understanding as well as their level of sensory and social-emotional need. In the development of each students Individual Education Plan a goal for the development of a social or life skill or concept is made in conjunction with parents, carers and other stakeholders.

Teaching and learning programs then are scaffolded to support the development of this goal while being embedded in the Western Australian Curriculum outcomes from the alternative curriculum tools of the Special Education Needs Assessment Tool (SENAT) and Abilities Bases Learning Education Western Australia (ABLEWA) tools.


Spencer Park Education Support Centre has a strong focus on providing positive successful education. Our student services team is key in the providing the best possible in high quality and care for students through the implementation of our school wide Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

The team is instrumental in providing support to students, families and staff who experience difficulties in self-regulation and engagement. They meet regularly and provide a case by case support for development of Sensory Plans, Functional Behavioural Analysis with specific program adjustments, Behaviour Support Plans and Comprehensive Autism Planning Systems.

Student Services Team


It is important that every student attends school every day unless they are unwell. Missing days of school adds up quickly and can result in your child missing out on important learning. Regular attendance is set at 90%, which means that your child should not be missing any more than 1 day per fortnight. Please make an effort to ensure that your child comes to school each day that they are well and enforce it!

Regular attendance is critical for students to achieve optimal learning at school. Missing school adds up:

  • If a child misses an average of five days a term (years 1 to 10), they miss out on approximately one year of school in their learning
  • If a child misses one day a week of school (from years 1 to 10), they will miss almost two years of school in their learning
  • If a child misses two days a week of school (from years 1 to 10), they will miss almost four years of school in their learning
  • If a child misses five weeks a term (years 1 to 10), they miss almost five years of school in their learning.

Please do not give in to the many excuses that our children provide at different times. Please contact the school if we can assist with helping your child to attend regularly. School is the EXPECTATION and staying home is the EXCEPTION.

The school is obliged to follow up on students with poor attendance and there are a range of processes and steps that the school will follow including:

  • Contacting parents/caregivers to provide satisfactory reasons for absences.
  • Home visits by Badged Attendance Officers.
  • Referral to Attendance Advisory Panels.

2018-2020 School Business Plan

2017 Annual Report

Parent Involvement

We understand that it is not always easy to make it to the P&C meetings or be part of the school board. However, we value your input and would like to provide you the opportunity to be involved. Please join our coffee and croissant mornings for a catch up on news from the P&C and other committees (such as the PBS and AAC) across our school.

All that we do we do for your child.

Our next coffee and croissant morning will be TBA.

Spencer Park Primary School & Spencer Park Education Support Centre P&C

The P&C meets twice per term, Monday evenings at 7.15pm in the school staffroom. Fundraising is the main focus although the group also has a role in giving feedback and providing input in relation to decisions about policy and planning. P&C members have also organised busy bees to help out in a range of ways including grounds development and minor facilities improvements. A well attended regular end of year social gathering highlights the positive, cohesive and popular nature of this group.

Our current P&C office bearers are:
Erika Leak, President
Jessica Gallantino, Vice President
Fiona Mullally, Secretary
Amy Sims, Treasurer

Visit the Spencer Park Education Support Centre (Early Intervention Centre)

Canteen and Lunches

The canteen is open daily between the hours of 8.15 am to 1.00pm.

Our online canteen shut of times for daily orders are 9.00 am.

We are always keen to have volunteers in our canteen if you can spare a hour or two once a week, fortnight or month.

Give us a call or drop in; you’re always welcome.

Book Lists

Ours are different

Uniforms and School Dress Code

The school expects every student to be in school uniform.

Any queries to the Uniform Shop, open Monday 8.45am to 9.15am in Room 6 or you can telephone/SMS:
Melissa 0400 579 397
Perdie 0408 102 585
Emily 0401 479 237

Spencer Park Education Support Centre and Early Intensive Intervention Centre

26 Hardie Road, Albany, WA 6330

08 6821 3050

Student absences
SMS 0427 085 542


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Administration Contacts

Bec WheatleyPrincipal

Sharon HallManager Corporate Services

Elise ParkerStudent Services Support